Manfrotto Compact Series tripod review

manfrottoAfter borrowing several tripods for use and tests I decided to find one that fitted my needs, it happened to be the Manfrotto compact series photo tripod MKC3-P01. After searching the web for different brands and user experiences I chose Manfrotto as they benefit from a large trust, good reputation and a complete catalog, from tripods to accessories and replacement pieces. I had to write a request to their customer service and they were fast and great.

What I was looking for with this particular tripod was a fast lightweight and discrete tripod. I usually shoot in the streets and do a lot of street photography and night-time street photography. As I walk for hours and don’t use particularly heavy gear I found the tripod that best fits my needs! Its load capacity is indicated at 1,5 Kg (3.31 Lbs) and it supports my Pentax K-r with a 135mm all-in-metal optic, my Fujifilm X10 as well as my Mamiya M645 1000s with a Sekor C 55mm in any weather condition. I feel like I can push it to 2 Kg without any issue as even when opened to the fourth segments it still feels robust enough. This tripod is ultra-portable and unfolds fast. I attach my camera to it and start composing in seconds. I often don’t need to do more than seven steps to start framing. Perfect for exigent conditions in terms of fastness and reactivity. It’s also so tiny and discrete once folded that when I happen to go shooting the streets only with one camera in hand I store it only in a light sport shoulder bag similar to this Adidas satchel bag. If you’d like to get more technical specifications, you can look on Manfrotto’s website.

As a conclusion I’d say it’s a great companion for photographers carrying light or medium weight gear who need reliability, fast deployment and who walk for hours or travel a lot. As an example I had seven days of continuous shooting in Paris in last November carrying with me nearly all my gear and walking literally the whole day (you don’t shoot street photography only travelling using bus or metro, at least to me) and I barely felt any overweight.

Manfrotto  MKC3-P01

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