Decay #5

A few months ago I shot a picture of a post on the side of a rusty railroad track. The resulting picture didn’t satisfied me all that much, but I kept it nonetheless.
But this winter I was again at the same train station waiting for my ride back home when I noticed the post, it wasn’t at the same place, some one must have kicked it because it laid smashed on the ground. I pulled my camera out, searched for the best angle, and shot a picture. I already had in mind that I could use my earlier picture to build a diptych.
The light was different, I remembered my first picture being warmer, there must have been less clouds, maybe it was during the golden hour ? I wasn’t sure, but the light from this rainy wasn’t great at all. That could fit the idea of decay, going from a warm tone to a colder tone.

So here it is: Decay #5

#5 #5

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