Shutters and Ladders is a blog about photography authored by the french photographer Daniel Nautré. It offers gear reviews, trip reports and various tips and tutorials. It also doubles as Daniel’s portfolio. He is helped by fellow photographer Thomas Simon. You can view his work on Thomas’s portfolio


All pictures signed “Daniel Nautré” are Licensed under the terms of the Creative Common BY-NC-SA license. This means that you are free to use these images, modify them, redistribute them under the following restriction:

  • You must attribute the work
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes
  • You may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one

Creative Commons License

High Resolution

Are you interested by a higher resolution of one of the photographs from the website ? Contact me


If you are interested by a print of one of my picture, you can either print it yourself (yes really, I don’t mind) or you can head over to my redbubble portfolio and order a quality print there.
By doing this, you will also help me pay for the website and the camera gear, because I get 20% of each sale (sometimes more, depending on the picture).

Sponsored reviews

When searching for gear reviews on internet, you occasionally find reviews that have been sponsored by the company selling the product. Here at Shutters and Ladders we have a clear policy on this. We will never write a positive review just because we were paid for it. The reviews reflects our most honest opinion and if we say a product is good, than it is because we really think it is.

If a review has been sponsored, we will always include a clear disclaimer and we will in all cases be fully honest  and give you our real opinion on the product.

If no such disclaimer is included in the review, you can safely assume that it was not sponsored.


The font used for the logo and for watermarking my photos is called Daniel. It is made by Daniel Midgley and can be found on dafont.com
The design of the website is made by CPOThemes
The icons used for the front page are part of the WPZOOM Set



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